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Our Programs

Mentorship Program

BMoved's Mentorship Program focuses on personal responsibility, goal setting, failure handling, financial literacy, and the importance of education, nutrition and physical fitness. The participating youth are introduced to positive role models who are leaders in business, the military, their families and communities. 


Boys Program

The gym forms an important foundation for our mentorship and guidance program for boys, but the habits they develop translate into everyday life.  As a result, the children participating in our program begin to taste small successes.  They explore mental reward systems based on small, incremental victories and they learn that while there are no easy answers, the effort they put forth matters. 

It’s a funny organ, the brain.  When it gets too comfortable, ambition plummets and rewards don’t mean much anymore. There are entire teams of people at video game and social media companies whose job it is to leverage this reward system and rob us of our time - only to sell it to the highest bidder, and we get very little back. But… through physical action and discomfort our boys reclaim their brain’s reward system and put it to work in a way where they unlock their future success with it. 

In our program, the boys learn to speak up and ask questions, they gain a brotherhood that crosses socioeconomic boundaries and develop well-earned self-respect.  These lessons help them be their best in a wide variety of situations, and brings their discipline out of the gym and into their lives and everyday interactions.

Girls Program

Coming soon! We have recently brought on a new director and we expect to launch in early 2024. 

Do you know a child who can benefit from one (or more) of these programs? Let us help you help them.

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